Join Us for “Cruising Downtown 2017”

               Join Us Saturday, September 2nd

            It’s time for Cruising Downtown 2017!!!

Registrations open at 6 am @ Brady Sullivan Tower 1750 Elm St Manchester, NH (rear parking lot, follow signs)

Gates open at 8 am       Awards at 4 pm

Scheduled to be here!


Have You Seen The Wienermobile? The Oscar Mayer website states they’re touring the country to announce some big changes to their hot dogs, like removing artificial preservatives in all of their meat as well as removing by-products. 

This year the Wienermobile is going to great lengths to celebrate our new and better hot dogs! The entire line of Oscar Mayer hot dogs now have no added nitrates and nitrites, no artificial preservatives, and no by-products!


The Wienermbile is 60 hot dogs long, and 24 hot dogs high. It was invented by Carl Mayer in 1936. It has 6 ketchup and mustard colored seats inside, a “bun” roof, and mustard splattered carpets. It also has a 23 inch flat screen TV!

There are 6 Wienermobile vehicles in the country, and are piloted by recent college graduates called “Hotdoggers”.

2004/2009/Current Wienermobile models


            Height:                        11 ft.    (24 hot dogs high)

            Length:            27 ft.    (60 hot dogs long)

            Width:             8 ft.      (18 hot dogs wide)

            Weight:           14,050 lbs.      (140,500 hot dogs)



  • Converted Chevrolet – 4 Speed / W4 Series Chassis
  • Engine: V-8 6.0 liter 300 VORTEC 5700 – runs on high-octane



  • Gull wing door with automatic retractable step
  • Hot dog shaped dashboard
  • GPS Navigational system
  • Ketchup walkway
  • Condiment splattered carpet
  • Computerized control panel with sound system
  • Removable sunroof (or bunroof)
  • Rear navigational camera
  • Blue Sky ceiling art
  • Six ketchup and mustard colored seats
  • Smiling front grill
  • Official Wiener Jingle horn



  • Carl Mayer, nephew of Oscar Mayer, designed the first Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in 1936.
  • The Wiener Whistle was developed in 1952. In 1958, kids of all ages found this soon to be icon included in packages of Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers today handout over 200,000 Wiener Whistles annually.
  • Since the inception of ‘Hotdoggers’ in 1988, just over 400 college graduates have held the prestigious position.
  • The Wienermobile App includes a virtual-reality experience so people everywhere can take a “ride” in the Wienermobile, no matter where they are.
  • With the exception of Hot Dog High and time during the holidays, the Wienermobile vehicles are on the road year-round.

September 2016: More than 850 cars cruised downtown
Last year’s event drew more than 850 cars to the streets of downtown Manchester. More than just the numbers, we saw unique vehicles that even car enthusiasts don’t see at the average show. People that have never been to the event before came and the feedback has been great. Many plan to make the trip again this year. The cars and large crowds mean the world to the local non profits who will end up benefiting from the proceeds of the event.

Cruising Downtown 2015 welcomed & featured special guest, Dennis Gage, the host of the television show “My Classic Car”. It was our biggest Cruising Downtown to date and work is underway to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever.

We’ll be updating the site as this year’s event takes shape. Come back and check out the site in the coming months for more details.

Watch for Sponsorship opportunities for the 2017 show.

Make plans to attend this year’s Cruising Downtown on Saturday, September 2nd. All Antique, Custom, Classic and Hot Rod Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles are welcome to attend!!!